Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The E3 2011 Nintendo Conference Live

All the latest news and Nintendo branded 'Nintendo's turn on stage at E3 2011 at the Nokia Theatre with its conference set for 9 am PST time, ie 18:00 homegrown, one of the most interesting and awaited the show to Los Angeles this year and beyond. Master of the show is in fact the mysterious Project Cafe, which is the new home console, which should show the house of Kyoto for the first time today and that represent the future of post-Nintendo Wii.

Obviously, beyond this megaton undisputed, there is also ample space dedicated to offering fun and 3DS Nintendo Wii and the portable variety, with the series of course under special observation. Connect then at 18.00 today to take with us at E3 2011 Nintendo Conference Liveblog!

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