Wednesday, June 8, 2011

E3 2011 - Unreal Technology Wii U?

Mark Rein to the plunge Develop The site claims that the presence of the Unreal technology to support substantial software development for Wii U is almost a certainty. It's nothing official and actually has a rather obvious assumption, but given the reluctance shown by Epic in the past, notably in the person of Mark Rein, against Nintendo, could signal a new trend.

Of course we would talk about Unreal Engine 3, and even the futuristic new update to the graphics engine so far seen only in a terrible demo. The idea also comes from a couple of specific statements by Mark Rein, of course, to Develop, "the second when Nintendo releases a piece of hardware that can fit our engine to be ', then it's like having water to a fish ", followed later by" water, you introduce fish! " added yesterday following the presentation of Wii U.

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