Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Project Cafe Wii becomes U

The infamous Café Project has a new name and a new form. It is called U and Wii will be released by Nintendo in a still unspecified date in 2012. During the conference, was shown only the controller of the new console, a kind of tablet with multiple functions: multi-touch six fingers, controller, handheld device, tablet, and more.

The Wii console is very similar to the present, but more rounded and was presented in "total white". It supports HD display, though the resolutions were not specified. Among the most interesting features may mention the possibility to choose whether to play on a TV or directly on the controller and the ability to share content between different hardware.

Nintendo promises "zero latency" between the console and controller. Developers can also choose to develop a dual configuration for their games. Zelda showed a demo of the game on TV and the Wii controller interface-inventory on U. The controller has two analog sticks, a cross directional keys, two backbones, a front video camera, motion sensor and gyroscope.

The console will have no hard drive but flash memory that can be augmented with SD Card and USB devices. The games will run on hard yet unspecified, and will also compatible Wii games.

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