Wednesday, July 27, 2011

First DLC for Duke Nukem Forever

Gearbox Software has announced the first DLC of Duke Nukem Forever, titled Hail to the Parody Icons Pack, which will arrive in the fall and will add four new multiplayer maps and modes. The four maps are the following: Call of Duke Dandpit (Mini-Duke), Inferno (with 16-bit graphics) and 2Forts1Bridge.

As for the new mode, the first will be called Freeze Tag, and as easy to understand, require players to freeze and smash your opponents. The second, Hot Potato, prompt you to "entertain the Dolls" as long as possible ... whatever that means. The third, finally, will be called Hail to the King is the classic free-for-all.

It was announced that the price of DLC, but who is part of First Club Access can download it for free.

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