Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rochard coming to PSN

We are not alone in space is coming exclusively to PSN game apparently exceptional indie, Rochard, where you have to manipulate gravity using a strange contraption work, the G Lifter, designed to move large and small objects (a kind of Gravity Gun in short). The protagonist of the adventure is one John Rochard, who must contend with hundreds of puzzles scattered throughout the five chapters that make up the game.

In addition to the G Lifter, to overcome obstacles and traps ke, Rochard has to learn to exploit the laws of physics and all objects that meet on his way. The general style of the game seems very easy-going. The cartoony graphics seems to be nice and detailed, while the game is peppered with jokes and funny situations.

The plot about the discovery of an alien structure in the depths of an asteroid that will cause many problems for the poor Rochard and his team. The game's soundtrack was composed by Markus "Captain" Kaarlonen group Poets of the Fall, and typically includes songs ranging from rock / blues to electronic music for 80 years.

The voice of the protagonist will be voiced by Jon St. John, better known to the masses videogiocanti for paying the vocal cords to the Duke. Rochard's debut on the PSN is scheduled for the first two weeks of August, although the exact date has not been confirmed and is probably a slight shift forward.

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