Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gamecube games on Wii through WiiWare U?

Noa says things Un'executive A mysterious enigmatic phrase by Amber McCollom of Nintendo of America, issued nintendoGal, several open questions about the future possibilities for WiiWare on Wii U. It could be a misunderstanding, but this is what McCollom said the site in question: "Gamecube discs are not compatible with Wii U, but a number of games that were playable on GameCube can be downloaded from the WiiWare".

At the moment, the WiiWare service does not allow you to play Gamecube games, downloadable games instead of proposing new or old glories through the Virtual Console. And 'planned introduction of the machines Gamecube Virtual Console, with the launch of U Wii? The question would be quite daring, considering that the disks contained custom Gamecube 1.4 GB of data, which would require substantial memory rather than physical media for the new Nintendo console.

In any case, expect any explanations.

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