Monday, July 25, 2011

New characters in Soul Calibur V

Project Soul has announced three new characters for Soulcalibur V. These Zwei, Natsu and popular Ivy, now in its 49 years of age. The producer Hisaharu "Heath" Tagus wrote on PlayStation blog that fans should not worry about all of the age of Ivy, as the alchemist swordswoman stopped aging at 32 years.

"In some way you are guaranteed eternal youth," said Tagus. Natsu, however, has just 17 years. This girl is an apprentice Taki, and his fighting style based on speed and evasive maneuvers. "When you use Natsu put aside any prejudice based on the fact that it is a simple replacement of Taki," said Tagus first to confirm that Taki is still alive.

The mysterious Zwei uses a short sword, but it will prove not to be his main method of attack. "The secret lies in the fact that Zwei in German means 'two'. You may want to say that we should expect a number 'one'"?

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