Monday, July 25, 2011

"Modern Warfare 2 is a training simulator"

Surely you will be informed about the attack in Oslo, Norway, carried out by Anders Breivik Behring, right-wing fundamentalist Christian who has caused more than 90 deaths. Beyond the signs related to the insane gesture, it seems that Anders Breivik Behring has also left a manifesto of 1500 pages called "2083: a declaration of independence", the drafting of which was attributed to the attack itself.

Within the document in question would have contained the ideologies of the aggressor, the details of a war with Muslims and several references to video games, including World of Warcraft and Modern Warfare 2. Inside the poster you can read the following words related to Modern Warfare 2 "is probably the best military simulator exists, one of the best in recent years ...

consider MW2, more than anything else, part of my training simulation. .. especially the multiplayer is fantastic. It can simulate roughly operations complete. Anders Breivik added details in the next part of the manifesto on "training as a sniper," writing that "simulating train with Call of Duty Modern Warfare is a good Alternatively, but if possible you should accumulate a lot of experience with the assault rifle (with scope red dot).

Another game mentioned by Anders Breivik is World of Warcraft, set a good excuse to justify the time spent away from family and friends while you prepare the attack. The killer went on to explain the concept in question: "for example, just say I started playing World of Warcraft or any other MMO online and that one must completely devote to the game for a few months or years.

This 'new project' can justify the isolation or the fact that you do not answer the phone for long periods of time. It can be said to be completely captivated by the game. If the project needs to travel just to say to go out with my friends in WoW, or even better to know a girl of your guild (who lives in another country).

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