Friday, August 12, 2011

QuakeCon 2011, two interesting panels on video

A community manager on the other on the development of video games in the first person to tradition, during the QuakeCon 2011 were held several conferences of great interest, such as John Carmack's keynote, which we published a few days ago. The two videos below we propose two panels just as interesting.

In the first, "Community Managers: unmoderated", some community managers, of course, discuss their work and the relationship, often controversial, with the most passionate fans. Participate in the discussion Abbie Heppe (Respawn), Adam Pyle (id Software), Matt Grandstaff (Bethesda), Nick Breckon (Bethesda) and Ryan Schneider (Insomniac).

The second panel, entitled "First Person Perspective", focuses instead on developing the game itself, and was held by Mackey McCandlish (Respawn), Drew Murray (Insomniac), Tim Willits (id Software) and Julien Roby (Arkane Studios ). QuakeCon 2011 - The panel "Community Managers: unmoderated!" QuakeCon 2011 - The panel "First Person Perspective"

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