Monday, August 1, 2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Official novel Available

An exciting new novel, brought to Italy from Multiplayer. Editions en Sean Williams continues to tell the story of Star Wars deinterlace the video game world with the paper. His new novel, Star Wars - The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance, is an introduction to the events of the new Bioware MMO, and tells the story of an invitation of the Republic, a Jedi Padawan, a mysterious Mandalorian soldier and a woman fall from grace.

Four very different characters who meet at a big auction organized by Tassaa Bareesh, matriarch of the Hutt criminal syndicate. The novel is published by multiplayer. en edition is already available in all bookstores, online and retail specialist. On the page dedicated to books you can find the synopsis and preview of browsable Star Wars - The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance.

"After the Power of the force, volume one and two, Sean Williams, author of the bestseller list in the first place in the New York Times, faithfully reproduces the world of the popular video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic in his latest novel, Star Wars - The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance.

The novel connects the Star Wars universe in a phase of its history that is still in the exploration from fiction on paper, and is also an introduction to what promises to be the largest and most ambitious role-playing game inspired by electronic that universe, Star Wars: The Old Republic."

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