Thursday, June 2, 2011

Excitebike 3D free for thirty days to the launch dell'eShop 3DS

Pokédex 3D, however, will be free forever, Nintendo 3DS dell'eShop The launch will be accompanied by an interesting promotion. The owners of the console will be able to download for free for thirty days, the 3D game Excitebike Classic, a remake of an NES. After this period, the game will be priced at $ 5.99.

This is not the only good news, however: even Pokédex 3D will be free and forever. This is a collection of Pokémon taken from the episode of the series for Nintendo DS (Pokemon Black & White), a sort of mini encyclopedia with a lot of three-dimensional models to be admired, and QR StreetPass function (the latter to develop our photos along with pictures of Pokémon).

Source: Joystiq

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