Thursday, June 2, 2011

MW3 and the hype, thanks Activision EA

Few months ago Electronic Arts has begun to promote Battlefield 3 defines the FPS developed by DICE than Modern Warfare 3. Activision, however, does not seem to be afraid of rivals, and even thanked the publisher for rival the hype created around the new Call of Duty. In an interview with MCV, the boss of Activision Publishing, Eric Hirshberg, has hinted that the brand is not afraid Modern Warfare Battlefield.

"We try to just focus on game development," says Hirshberg. "Let us not distract ourselves with what others are doing. I know however that they only think of us ... that's all I can say." EA talks about Call of Duty than we are. I want to thank you for helping us to increase the reputation of our brand.

" "Every year, Call of Duty clashes with rivals in value," says Hirshberg. "It is never easy, this is one of the most competitive genres in one of the most competitive industries. Last year we had Halo: Reach and Medal of Honor, and even then our rivals sought to record. This year there will also be Gears of War, along with many other shooter.

" "For us the competition is important, but we aim for results, not the competition itself. We are using all our resources to develop the best possible play, and eventually if all goes well we will maintain our position." 3 Modern Warfare and Battlefield 3 will be available in November.

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