Friday, July 22, 2011

Apple rips leaders in their field to Nokia smartphones

According to the Financial Times, the house of Cupertino is currently the leader in that market, Apple has officially surpassed Nokia to become the world leader in the smartphone market. This result was achieved thanks to a recovery in sales records during the first two quarters of 2011, which saw the house in Cupertino go from a deficit of 5.5 million units from Nokia in Q1 to a surplus of 3.6 million units in Q2.

Apple already held the record in terms of revenues and profits for the smartphone sector, but in the period between April and June, Nokia has passed from the point of view of sales volume. Crucial to this end, the Finnish company down 34% during the second quarter, with 16.7 million units compared to 20.3 million iPhones.

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