Friday, July 22, 2011

Kotick: "Freedom to experiment and learn"

Activision boss Bobby Kotick, returns once again to speak and this time has something to say about his own company, which encourages, according to him, innovation and experimentation. Speaking to Forbes, Kotick said that one of the cornerstones of the system work in Activision are to give its participants the opportunity to experience and learn from their mistakes.

"This way of thinking has caused Activision to become what it is now," said Kotick dichiatato. "I do not get to say that we celebrated our failures, but they have learned a lot and have come out stronger." "As in a post-mortem process, we evaluated every time something did not go the right way and we left this for future projects." "Add to this the fact that we have always proposed a system of rewards for our team according to the results obtained, this eventually led to the creation of masterpieces like the last, and the next Call of Duty." Activision painting so the work seems a sort of paradise, but who knows what you really think the employees and freelancers.

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