Friday, July 22, 2011

The free-to-play is the future of the industry

It seems that the future of gaming is free-to-play, at least according to the forecasts of the leading figures in the industry, according to which this will be the predominant business model in the coming years. In a meeting held at Konica Minolta, the former head of Sony, Phil Harrison, and Chris Lee, co-founder of the creators of DJ Hero, Freestyle Games, spoke of a future free-to-play for the world of video games.

"I think in principle we are moving towards a business model of free-to-play, where access is free and is passionate about the game any monetized," said Harrison, who after directing Sony is currently a thinking heads of Gaikai. "70, 90 percent of users play for free but the remaining will generate a profit that would be unthinkable with the simple distribution in stores." Harrison himself is undoubtedly a champion of this philosophy, so much so that this week it came out that he tried in every way to ensure that LittleBigPlanetit came out as a free game, downloadable directly from NSP.

However, there are some challenges to bring about this change of perspective, and one of the largest is the expectation surrounding the console games, but Lee said it was ready to make a "leap of faith" to prove that the model can work. "The public expects a certain console visual quality - Lee said - the challenge is therefore to be willing to spend 5, 10 million dollars for a game and distribute it for free.

I think you should do and what you will." Phil Harrison was more than happy to offer a tangible example. "I think in no time, if a game like Call of Duty came out as a free-to-play for the next Xbox or PlayStation, we would get a product worth hundreds of millions available to all, free, and this would bring the industry to change instantly, forever."

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