Thursday, July 28, 2011

DICE justifies the limit to 30fps BF3

DICE has decided to do something to calm the console users, angered by the fact that Battlefield 3 will run at only 30 frames per second on PS3 and Xbox 360. It has attracted particular sensation, especially since arch-rival Battlefield, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, travels exactly twice as fast, on the same hardware.

"People should not worry about the console," said Karl Magnus DICE in the pages of GamingExaminer. "This subject has been discussed far beyond its actual importance. The more experienced users, who have already taken a look at the resolution you are running today's games, will not be surprised that most of the titles have a resolution of modern 720p instead of 1080p.

" According to DICE, the game could run at 60 fps but you chose to sacrifice a greater fluidity in favor of graphical detail. "In merely 30 fps we made the right choice. It is not a technical problem that prevents the game to exploit the 60 frame, but we decided to sacrifice them to encourage a greater number of players on screen at once, the huge maps, vehicles, the ability to destroy everything and so on.

" The pace of Battlefield is "slightly slower than the modern and frantic FPS", DICE continues, "so it fits well into this frame-rate." Battlefield 3 is expected October 28, while his challenger, 3rd Modern Warfare will arrive on the shelves 11 days later, on November 8.

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