Thursday, July 28, 2011

The outputs of the European PS Store for July 27

Annihilation, new map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops, will be the highlight of the outputs planned for July 27 on the Playstation Store. The Xbox 360 owners have already had to try it exclusively last month, but also tomorrow, PS3 users can download it at a price of € 14.49. If you are looking for something cheaper, this is also the week the great summer discounts from Sony, then for seven days more than 30 games will see their more or less drastically reduced price, an excellent time to buy that title you were keeping an eye on for months.

Among the titles included in this initiative are Peggle, Hothead's Swarm of PopCap, and the series of Sam & Max and Back to the Future. Even EA is ready to launch a series of deep discounts, focusing especially on Burnout Paradise and Need for Speed. For example, if you have not bought expensive DLC Hot Pursuit, now is the right time for them at a lower price.

European players of LA Noire will be able to download the case, "The Consul's Car," which in North America has been given with the PS3 version of the game. To do this you need to pay € 3.99, while if you have an Xbox you can not play it never, ever, at least for now. Here is the complete list of games, DLC and the discounts offered by the PlayStation Blog European: Summer Sale Special Offers - available until August 3 EA's Summer of Speed PS3 PSone Classics PlayStation minis PSP Add-ons PS3 Add PSP-ons: Rockband

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