Wednesday, June 1, 2011

MS: Not only the future of Xbox games

To promote the Xbox 360 worldwide in the coming months, Microsoft will build in particular on the console features related to entertainment. "Our vision for the future of the Xbox is simple," says Frank Shaw in a note to Microsoft. "All the entertainment you want, simply and with persons who hold. So we invested in the partnership with ESPN, Netflix and Hulu.

For this reason we have implemented in the social platform Xbox Live. For this you will see us in 2011 to promote Xbox as a brand dedicated to entertainment. And also why we are investing so many resources in the Natural User Interface technologies. Kinect is just the beginning. " According to some, the statements could be a prelude to the presentation at E3 Project Orapa, the combination of Xbox Live and Mediaroom IPTV.

"E3 will understand where we come in with our conception of the Xbox. We have sold 53 million consoles and ten million Kinect and we have 30 million subscribers to Xbox Live. Important numbers for a console that was formerly mainly purchased by hardcore gamers. But in recent years something interesting has happened.

The people are continuing to use many games, but 40% of the time spent on Xbox Live is not related to games. = Xbox entertainment, this is the core of our strategy. " "In spite of this evolution, the Xbox has remained true to its roots and now can not find on any other device more complete play experience.

There are games of all kinds, and you can transfer the experience on PCs with Windows 7 Phone and devices with Windows 7. And of course, new devices will come ...".

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