Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sonic Generations will also be available for Nintendo 3DS

Two porcupines, three-dimensional SEGA has announced that Sonic Generations, the new title starring the blue hedgehog mascot of the Japanese, will also be available for Nintendo 3DS in November 2011. Set in three different ages of twenty-year saga of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Generations 3DS to see a character engaged in new levels in stereoscopic 3D, made exclusively for the Nintendo handheld console.

"Sonic Generations Nintendo 3DS combine the twenty years of unforgettable saga of Sonic the Hedgehog with 3D technology," said David Corless, global brand director of Sonic. Unite that the opportunity of playing with both classic and modern Sonic and you have the perfect celebration of the twentieth anniversary of our beloved mascot.

" The special play environments, specifically designed for the Nintendo platform, based on the iconic 3DS levels of play of the famous titles in the saga of Sonic the Hedgehog, including an exclusive "Special Stage" unlocked, which will allow players to immerse themselves more deeply in the universe Sonic.

The game will take advantage of StreetPass function, which allows gamers to collect new content and unlockable bonus whenever passerann or will change in the course of the adventure. The new mode two-player challenge, then, will allow fans of the two fastest hedgehog in the world to race each other into those that are recognized worldwide as the levels of the most beautiful game in the saga of Sonic.

Sonic Generations Nintendo 3DS follow the same pattern of events announced for the other gaming platforms, with Sonic and his friends back in time due to a mysterious and evil power that is causing chaos in the universe, creating odd time tunnel.

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