Monday, May 16, 2011

The breeds of Dawn of Fantasy

Men, orcs and elves are described in detail in the rich fictional universe MMO Dawn of Fantasy, there are three dominant races: humans, orcs and elves. These breeds have spread to the world for generations and tribes have adapted to the characteristics of the territories where they have settled. There are also other breeds in the world of Mythador ...

The elves, originating in the forests of Bolfores'l, never unified, living in two separate communities Wood Elves and High Elves. The former are specialized in the traditions and magic, the latter, however, in chemistry, construction of cities and war. These two races living together in the capital Illas Tiltos located in the heart of Bolfores'l, the treetops of their city of wood, but they also chose their shelters, the Wood Elves in the marshes of Erthee The Bala and the High Elves mountainous stronghold of Taltos.

The army of elves has always been more concerned about the defense. The elves have, in fact, the best archers in the world and can count on the support of the powerful Treants, able to destroy any enemy force. With a defense like that why should they go to war? It is whispered that the kingdom of the elves are divided, their king kidnapped, poisoned the land and the two races of elves prepare to fight in a fratricidal war, all while military forces are deployed on the border of the orcs.

The orcs are not a single species, is closer to a nomadic tribe of the allied races. Goblins, orcs and werewolves are all at their service and their goal is certainly not the defense but attack. With their primitive civilization, are much more oriented to build on what they can steal / steal than on what can make or grow, and their reign of Gokkholm is arid and brutal.

In the hot south lies Brakental, a city built by the exiles under the command of the Orcs of the deserts, avoiding traditional weapons, relying only on their own strength and indomitable insane. There are also the Swamp Orcs who believe they were the first orcs, created by the explosion of light that hit the earth in the fertile fields of Flattan Rol, and are a huge number, in defense of the great fortress Makkada.

Finally, the much more limited race of Orcs Thikken Since it took office in the remote forests in the west and has specialized in creating arches and strategy of the siege. Finally, the human race is a more recent arrival, from the lands to the west, took place on the shores many centuries ago and is rapidly distributed throughout the island.

The primary region, Southmont, has two major cities hidden in the mountains, and rich, fertile and well defended. After the raids of the orcs, grasslands dell'eponimo Rollingplain have become poorer in Southmont, but remain very popular for their cavalry. The region of the Wold, in the past regarded as a rebel and with it the city of Menthorn, is located amidst the forests near the coast, and is renowned for the archers, and sieges of Guards of arms.

The Wold is the core of the problems of the human race when the king died of the human species and the three began the war without the King, the traitors of Menthorn rebelled against the sovereign state, even if the mutiny was suppressed successfully, the agitation growing farmers brought them back to work, although suspected to be the villain appeared at the head of the assassination of the king, and the internal struggles of the elves neighbors began to impact on the world.

These are not the only existing breeds in the world: in the gold mines of the mountains to the north, the stocky Dwarves and awkward waiting for their time, while elsewhere in the world ruled by dragons. Both of these species will send its troops to support one of the races in battle - for a fee at a price.

Outgoing exclusive only on the PC, Dawn of Fantasy is published by 505 Games and will be available from June 17, 2011.

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