Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Battlefield 3 will use the Online Pass?

The situation is not yet clear there is a bit 'of confusion among the many fans waiting for the release of Battlefield 3, in particular to access to spectacular multiplayer online title developed by DICE. According to statements made last week by producer Patrick Bach, in fact, the game should take the Pass online because you can use the online features, including multiplayer, as has become tradition for EA.

The second episode of the series, Bad Company 2, however, adopted a hybrid solution, implementing a "VIP pass" that allowed access to extra content, but the multiplayer left free for anyone, even those who had purchased the game second hand. "The fact is that we pay to keep the server running, and simply creating a new account means the start of a series of operations," said Bach.

"We would prefer you buy a new copy of the game rather than a used one, because in the latter case it would only cost for us, not a gain." We look forward to an official position and clarification by Electronic Arts.

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