Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tomb Raider will not abuse the QTE

The creative director of Tomb Raider reboot has reduced the importance of quick-time events within the game. Tomb Raider The presentation at E3 2011 has made some fans to worry, believe that the game would have been highly scripted events, and based on quick-time event, but according to a statement from the creative director Noah Hughes, those are not the "primary means "Crystal Dynamics.

"The quick-time sequences are part of the game," said Hughes on Gamespot. "A major goal for us is to offer an intense and cinematic. In some specific moments we think that the best results can be achieved while still maintaining high attention to the gameplay, with quick-time event . 'That said, I'm not sure these are the main tools we are using to create the right atmosphere dramatic.

"The emotional impact, Hughes said, will be guaranteed in other ways." The shot during gameplay, the animation system , audio and large events in the game world are all elements that will help ensure an emotional impact in a different way. "

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