Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Some details on the connectivity between the PS3 and PlayStation Life

Competitive multiplayer, and more bailouts synchronized Sony has promised a number of features related to connectivity between the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Life, such as the ability to grapple with the competitive multiplayer cross-platform play with WipEout 2048 and the impending Ruin on both consoles using a single save file.

PlayStation Life can also be used as a controller for the PS3 with a screen, a little 'how it will happen for the Wii U. "PlayStation 3 can transmit data to PlayStation Life, and the handheld display them on screen. You can also use the unique characteristics of PSVita, like the gyroscope and the double-touch device, to enrich the controls of a game for the PS3" Phil Rogers said during the Develop Conference.

Will also return the Remote Play, a feature never took off indeed but PSP PlayStation Life expected to have a better operation. You can watch videos stored on the hard disk of the PS3, turn on the download on the Playstation Store, and even play the PS3 games on the handheld console. Finally, players will be able to exploit the "Continuation Play" system that will allow them to continue playing from the PS3 PlayStation Life or vice versa, through synchronization of bailouts.

The question is, since the cloud at the time saving is an exclusive service to members of the PlayStation Plus, you will need to subscribe to use the Continuation Play? The answer, fortunately, is no. "We have a system called 'Title User Storage', which allows the storage capacity of 1 MB of data on our servers for the games," said Rogers.

"And you can access the system from both platforms. It will thus be possible to save the game on the PS3, turn on the PlayStation Life, retrieve the data you save and continue playing."

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