Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sony: Life will be a PS3 controller

Sony PlayStation has revealed that life can be used as a controller for the PS3 games, similar to what we saw from the Wii to U. "PS3 will be able to send data to life and the new portable console will be able to view them," said Phil Rogers Sony during his recent speech at the Develop Conference 2011.

"The unique features of PS Life, as the gyro and tactile sensors front and rear, will allow it to be used as a controller for the PS3 games." "It will be possible to run games on both console and use Wi-Fi and PlayStation Network to sync, or play in cross-play mode as in the case of Wipeout," continued Rogers.

"In time for the launch, in addition, we plan to make available the Remote Play, which will allow Life to receive video in real time directly from the PS3." "For the Continuation Play [ie the possibility to continue the games on PS3 PSV - Ed] you have to wait several more months, but it will be really fantastic.

You can save more games on the console, transport data and continue the game of life there, perhaps while you train or at the park. " Not bad for a console that already had made up the expected date of the first fans to unprecedented levels.

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