Friday, June 3, 2011

E3 2011 - The titles for NGP

Confirmed the titles that will be present at that NGP Los Angeles Uncharted: Golden Abyss - The portable version of Uncharted promises excellent graphics and includes the original gameplay of the series with touch controls and tilt of the new Sony. WipEout 2048 - Set in the near future the new Wipeout tells the story of anti-gravity racing vehicles.

Players can compete against people who own PS3 WipEout HD Fury. Little Deviants - This is a series of adventures enriched with elements of "augmented reality" that use the entire amount for the Sony portable. Little Deviants playing it back using the touchpad, the touch screen, motion sensor, both cameras and even the microphone.

Reality Fighters - This is a fighting game allows you to photograph people and places to use them as characters and locations. Super Stardust Delta - A fast-paced arcade game that uses motion sensor, the two analog sticks and the touchscreen. Sound Shapes (temporary) - Sound Shapes are side-scrolling platformer that lets you create playlists to share through the PSN.

Hustle Kings - The portable version of billiards appeared on PSN. Again, this title uses touchscreen and touchpad back. Everybody's Golf - In addition to the title touch and tilt controls allow you to play multiplayer online. Resistance Retribution - The title for the PSP has been adapted to the two analog sticks of the new Sony laptop.

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