Friday, June 3, 2011

NGP will be backwards compatible with PSP games

And you can use the dual analog sticks! Scott Rohde, vice president of product development for SCEA said that NGP will be compatible with all the titles available for PSP PlayStation Store. News that is not surprising that much, given the importance of backward compatibility for all consoles for several years now.

Rohde added, however, of very interesting information: "The games will benefit from the superior technical capabilities of the system, and controls are remapped to use both analog sticks." Well, this changes things dresticamente. As we all know, a lot of action game for PSP had to make compromises with regard to the control system, using the d-pad or buttons of the main console to remedy the lack of a right analog stick.

A limit will be exceeded by NGP, which therefore will allow us to replay our favorite titles so finally worthy. Source: Joystiq

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