Friday, June 3, 2011

Super Street Fighter IV: AE - No restrictions on PC offline

The PC user said they did not like the thing Capcom has been convinced by its users and decided to remove restrictions that were to be activated playing Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition offline. Fans have pointed to the software house that is likely a limitation of this kind would hurt the most paying customers that any pirates.

It is a paradoxical situation that has already happened with other security, which makes the rather thorny issue of protection. Who loses more in fact, until now, I'm really paying customers who are faced with walls, obstacles, and activation codes infinite counted. The title will arrive on June 7 on PS3 and 360 version in digital delivery and 24 will also be available in stores.

The PC version is scheduled for July and instead upgrade to remove the restrictions should be out soon after launch.

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