Friday, June 3, 2011

Source games in Los Angeles for E3 2011!

All the coverage and the timing of Superdirective The E3 2011 is now imminent, the most important fair in the world of video games this year will offer a myriad previews, the new console and NGP Project Cafe (or should I say PlayStation Life;)) and many of the people eagerly awaited titles of the video games a must.

Just at this time the drafting of Multiplayer. it (with 10 authors!) is leaving for Los Angeles to offer comprehensive coverage of the event with news, articles, videos, special, and the inevitable Superdirective, where real-time will keep you updated with all the news presented at the fair and during the conference.

Also this year Multiplayer. it is media partner of the event, and will be present with its own meeting room during the fair, located close to the stands NVidia and Crytek. Its location is in the Concourse Hall, Meeting Room # 8800. As for the Superdirective we've just published the calendar with all appointments, plus a few "hints" on the titles that will be presented, while others are still secrets to which we can not yet reveal the name;) Here are the links to save absolutely between i never miss a favorite article from our coverage: E3 2011 coverage page on Multiplayer.

Calendar Superdirective en E3 2011 See you in Los Angeles, cerchermo make you feel like you're on site with us!

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