Friday, June 3, 2011

Reverse Capcom's SFIV on DRM: AE

Capcom is back on their feet and decided to change the DRM for the PC version of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. As reported in recent days, without a permanent internet connection to the owners of the Arcade Edition could use only 15 of the 39 characters in the game. The news was not taken well by potential buyers of the game that they did hear his case on the Capcom Unity blog.

The publisher has given them reason. "With this system, owners of a legal copy would have access to experience lower than that of the pirates, this point is convincing," the senior VP of Capcom, Christian Svensson on Capcom Unity. "Of course we do not want this and because we have heard your reasons, now I tell you what we will do.

Soon after the launch will post a small update by which to unlock all characters offline. So, once updated the game, you can use all the characters, even offline. " "Of course, to take advantage of all services (online multiplayer, sharing and viewing of replays, achievements, etc..) You will have access to the network and stay connected." Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition should arrive in stores in July in PC format.

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